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Queens Weekend in Illinois: April 23-25, 2004



Ashley Sylvester, Ms. Teen Plus Illinios 2004
Billye Fietz, Ms. Imperial American Elegance 2004
Catherine Jackson, Ms. American Heartland 2004 QWI IL HOST
Dawn Frison, Ms. Plus International Elegance
Le Doan, Ms. American Elegance Woman 2004
Shilone Cornelius, Ms. Indiana American Elegance 2003
Stephanie Sylvester, Ms. Petite Illinois Woman 2004
Motise Jones, Illinois' Ultimate Woman 2004

Queens Weekend in Illinois Itinerary

Friday, April 23rd: 6:00 p.m. ~ Visiting Queens Arrive in Chicago
7:00 p.m. ~ Dinner and Donations
At Friday Night Dinner:
• Dinner and fun at Hollywood in Crestwood, IL. Hollywood Park is a game room for kids of all ages. They have great pizza and other fun foods. We can have a fun welcome dinner and then enjoy a few games before hitting the sack to rest up for a full day of volunteering and fun on Saturday.
• Welcome visiting royalty
• Collection of donations for the Glass Slipper Project
• Brief description of duties for volunteering at GSP
• Queens Weekend In Chicago gifts will be given to 2004 participating queens at the welcome dinner

Saturday, April 24th:
7:45 ~ All queens meet up at GSP (Glass Slipper Project)
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. ~ Volunteering at The Glass Slipper Project (lunch provided)
At the Glass Slipper Project:
• Queens will volunteer as personal shoppers (helping girls find and coordinate their outfit for prom)
• Light breakfast & nice lunch are provided by GSP
• T-shirts will also be provided by GSP (we have to wear them and they aren't bad looking)
3:30 - 5:30 ~ Shopping where Queens will enjoy shopping on the North side of Chicago and in Downtown Chicago. On the North side of Chicago is where we can find extraordinary pageant jewelry and clothing for unbeatable prices. Downtown shopping offers the more stylish, luxurious shopping experience you’ll ever have with stores like Nieman Marcus, Sak 5th Ave New, Marshall Fields, Prada and so much more. We will take a break for a small snack at Jamba Juice. . . . before heading to our next destination. . I have had several smoothies from Jamba Juice and recommend the Peenya Kowlada, Strawberry Norvana, Peach Pleasure and the Chocolate Moo'd.
6:00 p.m. - until done ~ Tour of Navy Pier & Dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp on the pier. Dinner for all attending queens is on me, the Queens Weekend in Chicago host.

Sunday, April 25th:
7:15 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. ~ Breakfast at the Kingsbury Restaurant and Farewell to visiting Queen(s)
9:30 a.m. ~ Queens Weekend in Chicago ends

Important Things Not to Forget:
• Your Crown and Sash, we will wear them at all weekend events and for photos
• Your Business cards and info about your pageant system, to hand out at GSP and to ladies we see while at other appearances during the weekend
• The items you are donating to GSP
• Your camera

Note: Sashes will be worn to all Queens Weekend in Chicago events and you have the option to bring or wear your crown.

Weekend Highlights

Queens from throughout Illinois and visiting queen Billye Fietz, Ms. Imperial American Elegance 2004, from Texas, enjoyed a fun filled weekend centered around volunteering at the Glass Slipper Project. The weekend started on April 23rd at Hollywood Park game room for kids of all ages with a welcome party where gifts were given to all participating queens, ladies had dinner, donated items (make-up, clothing, etc.) for GSP, were collected, description of volunteer duties were explained and of course games were played. On Saturday April 24th, queens volunteered and as a team donated items to the Glass Slipper Project. The ladies donated over 100 items to GSP and volunteered over 30 collective hours as personal shoppers helping girls pick out everything they need for prom. If it were not for the Glass Slipper Project these girls would not be able to afford the cost of prom. A special thank you to Sara Hayes, Ms. Plus American Elegance 2004, who was no longer able to attend the queens weekend in Illinois, as previously expected but mailed tons of items to donate to the GSP for the 2nd. After a day of volunteering, the queens spent some much needed time shopping and had a nice late lunch afterwards before heading back home and to the hotel for relaxation. Before visting royalty departed Chicago and the 2nd annual Queens Weekend in Illinois ended, queens enjoyed an early farewell breakfast together.

Queens Comments

Thanks Catherine. I really felt good to see you and everyone else again. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much. ~ Stephanie, Ms. Petite Illinois Woman

Catherine, Thank you so much again for a wonderful weekend. You took such good care of me! I will think of you every time I wear the t-shirt, look at my glass slipper, eat popcorn (pizza, hashbrowns, roast beef, etc.), write in my "happiness journal", and look at my Queen's frame! I really appreciate everything so much. ~ Love ya, Billye, Ms. Imperial American Elegance 2004

Photos from the 2004 Queens Weekend in Illinois coming soon . . .

To participate in the 2005 Queens Weekend In Illinois contact Catherine Jackson at or to host a Queens Weekend in Illinois or elsewhere contact