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Spring 2004

Le Doan
Ms. American Elegance Woman 2004

Le Doan, was crowned Ms. American Elegance Woman 2004 on October 19th in Rosemont, Illinois. She was born and raised in Sai Gon, Viet Nam and arrived in America in 1990.  Formally, Ms. Land of Lincoln American Elegance Woman 2003, her platform is "Volunteerism: Our Children, Our Future", which allows her to reach out and help others as much as she can through volunteer work and service to her community. She volunteers teaching basic computer courses at the Indian Trails Public Library in her local community and at the North Shore Academy's Mentoring Program, working closely with children who have emotional and behavior problems, helping them learn basic skills and supervising educational outings in the community. Le also preforms other volunteer duties in her community.  As Ms. American Elegance 2004, Le has already done several volunteer activities in Vietnam, Alabama, California and throughout her home state Illinois.

Le feels compassion of others can help bridge the gap between people and nation. So, she tries to help others who are less fortunate than she even if it is just giving a little money to charity, volunteering her time, giving someone a shoulder to cry on or lending sympathetic ear.

 To see all the exciting things Le is doing during her reign check out her webpage at:

Julia Dorn
Miss Pageant Gal Volunteer 2004

Julia consistently volunteers for many organizations, but her most heartfelt efforts are usually geared toward causes regarding children, animals, and the homeless.  Though only four years old, Julia is beyond her chronological years in giving to others, understanding, and caring for those around her. Julia has volunteered for the American Heart Association, Alzheimers Association, the Cancer Society, and her County Crisis Nurseries, just to name a few. She enjoys fundraisers. Due to her young age, warm heart, and her genuine unquenchable curiosity, she has been the leading factor in MANY fundraisers. For instance,  After a house fire in Julia's community, she saw a picture of the family's burning garage in the newspaper and wanted to know, "why?" Julia was concerned about what happened to the family's toys and if their pets were okay. We decided to raise money for the family to replace their toys. So, Julia sold lemonade at her made up stand, in the local soccer and baseball fields. She sat at her card table with a red gingham picnic tablecloth and a sign that read, "Fundraiser For House Fire - Lemonade 25 Cents". As she sat there, smiling and waving at others, people began to gather around her table and put $5 bills in her glass jar for a cup of lemonade. Julia had raised $100 for the victims of the tragic house fire.
Currently, Julia is doing a Sock Drive for Sharing and Caring Hands homeless shelter. We are doing the Sock Drive, because Julia saw a homeless man walking in downtown Minneapolis, in the middle of February, without shoes and socks. She was very disturbed about seeing this man barefoot in the snow. She asked how she could give the man a pair of socks. So we started a community sock drive! So far, Julia has 22 pairs of socks in her sock donation box. The socks will be delivered to Sharing and Caring Hands homeless shelter at the end of this month. Julia comes up with creative ideas of how to help others, and then acts upon it. Her family supports all of her efforts.

Julia's current Queen titles include:  Miss Make A Difference, Little Miss Universal Gem International, Miss Pageant Gal Volunteer, and National Ideal Miss America Queen of Queens.

Quaterly Featured Cause


The TOWEL/BLANKET Drive for Chimps

Tamara Harvey, director of the National & U.S. Achiever Pageant is collecting towels and blankets for the Save the Chimps organization. The sizes of the towels/blankets can be as small as a wash cloth to as big as a comforter. They can be new or used. Please contact Tamara at: for information regarding the shipping of donations.

For more information about the Save the Chimps organization visit:
All donations are tax deductible donation, and the need is HUGE.
Visit for more information about the National & U.S. Achiever pageant.