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Summer 2004

Each quarter three outstanding pageant queens who use their royalty status  to make a difference and one cause to get involved with are featured. The next featured queens and cause will be June 21st. Nominate yourself or someone else and your cause or someone else's cause  to be the Summer 2004 feature. E-mail titled "Quarterly Feature Nomination".
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Y'vette Parrish
Mrs. Mexico Ethnic World 2004


Yvette Parrish, Mrs. Mexico Ethnic World 2004, Ms. Latina America Ambassador 2004 was selected by the National Ethnic World panel to represent MEXICO in the 2005 International competition "Mrs. Ethnic World International Beauty Pageant" Formally, Mrs. Texas 2003, Mrs. San Antonio 2002.  She was raised in San Antonio, Texas. Her platform is "Queen for a Day, Confidence for a Lifetime", which she is the San Antonio chapter director and organizer for this which allows herself and other queens to visit girls recovering from cancer and treatments in Santa Rosa Hospital. Once they are there, they crown the child "Queen for a Day" with a  beautiful tiara (which they keep) and do their makeup and nails and take lots of pictures. It's a beautiful non-profit organization which really proves that queens are needed much more in the hospitals to help recovering patients. Ms. Parrish also volunteers for the United Way and heavily involved in the San Antonio Girl Scouts Mentor Program, working closely with girls between the ages of 5-13 who have a need to be mentored and guided. As Mrs. Mexico Ethnic World 2004, Yvette has already done several volunteer activities throughout TEXAS and Mexico.

Yvette feels that there is more to wearing a crown and waving in a parade she feels a need to reach out and inspire the LATINA youth especially and lift the spirits of children recovering from cancer. Yvette is the product of truth that dreams DO come true! Brought up very poor and from a broken family Yvette is now an accomplished and well sought after makeup artist, Beauty Editor for Latina-American magazine called CUERPO, mother of three and married seven years. "Sometimes I feel like I have so much, and I want to help inspire and give love to others who do not feel so good about themselves, I want every girl to know that they are BEAUTIFUL, no matter their size, weight, height. I want them to know that ALL their dreams can come TRUE. They can achieve anything but you have to Never Give Up!"

To see all the exciting things Yvette is doing during her reign check out her personal webpage at:
Makeup portfolio:
Queen For a Day San Antonio website

Joy Finerson
Ms. Ney York American Reniassance 2004


Joy Finerson was born and raised in Brooklyn and is currently a seventh grade English teacher at the Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School for the Arts located in the very same community school district in which she grew up. She holds a B.S. in Biology from Hampton University and is a graduate student at the City College of New York.  There she is seeking a M.A. in Secondary Science Education.  She is very proud to be an educator. Not only does it enable her to make a difference in the lives of young people, but it also affords her the opportunity to give back to the awesome public school system that has given so much to her.

In 2003, Ms. Finerson founded Queens of New York. As an official AIDS Walk New York team, Queens of New York is helping in the fight against HIV and AIDS by participating in the world's largest AIDS fundraiser.  Proceeds from this 10k walk benefit the Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) and many other AIDS organizations in the NYC metropolitan and surrounding areas. As the name suggests, our members include New York state and local titleholders as well as national and international queens that reside in or are from New York. Membership also includes titleholders and queens from other areas as well as their friends and family.

HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention has been Joys platform since she started competing and is an issue that is very dear to her heart.  Losing three immediate family members to this disease, Joy has seen and knows first hand what it can do, not only to the person, but to those around them.  It is because of this that she has dedicated herself and her reign to educating our communities (especially our youth) about HIV and AIDS, and what we can do to prevent it. With her training as a Community HIV/AIDS Educator, Joy plans to expand Queens of New York into a non-profit organization that provides the community not only with HIV/AIDS education, but mentoring services, personal and professional development, and scholarships for adolescents.

Joy is involved with the community in other ways also. She is a dance instructor for the In the Spirit of Dance praise dance ministry at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, and an active volunteer for NY Cares.

For more information about Joy and/or her volunteer work visit,

Kendra Strickland
Miss American Rose


Kendra Strickland (18) is currently Miss American Rose Pampa City Teen Queen, Civic Princess, Talent Princess, and Golden Rose Ambassador. She's an active volunteer for the Princess Project in which she has held numerous parties for young girls in my community and is the PHS Varsity choir and the Family Career and Community Leaders of America.
Kendra has recently founded her own volunteer project called Purse Pals where she takes young, girls in need in her community shopping and buy them items they otherwise could not afford.


Quaterly Featured Cause


The Princess Project

The Princess Project was founded in April 2002 
by Marian and Elizabeth Weyer in honor of Elizabeth's title
of Miss American Rose National Supreme Queen 2002. 

Since then, there have been Princess Parties--
or Parties-in-a-box--in seven states. 
Our Hostesses have honored girls and women with 
cancer, heart defects, cerebral palsy, severe injuries due to 
a car accident, parental drug abuse, and parental suicide.

You don't have to be a title holder to hold a 
Princess Party. 


For More Information About the Princess Project Click Here and/or enter one of the se Princess Project Ffundraising pageants:

Miss American Heartland

Miss Heartland SweethearT

Miss Heart of Gold