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Queens for Causes
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About Queens For Causes
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The Queens for Causes website was developed in April of 2004 to create a place where pageant titleholders can find an organization or an event to utilize their crown and tilte to make a difference in the community and a place where titleholders can get fellow titleholders pageant contestants  and non-pageant participants involved with projects to help communities throughout the world. Showing the world that Pageant Queens and contestants are more than just beautiful.....
Below find description for each page on the Q4C website to help you better navagaite through the site

How to join the"Queens for Charity Registry"

The Crowns and Causes Registry is where Queens who volunteer can have their photo, title(s), platform and volunteer jobs they are interested in to be contacted by volunteer agencies and non-profits as well as fellow queens to help with a cause. It's free  to join the Cvrowns and Causes Registry and it's a great way to promote yourself, your title, your platform and use your queenly status to do good for others. To join submit your information, a photo, name, title(s), platform (not required but recommended), volunteer interests and contact e-mail address or phone number for the Crowns and Causes Registry by e-mailing, titled "Crown & Causes".

Submitting information for the Classifieds
The Classified Ads section of the Queens for Causes website is for volunteer jobs and non-volunteer (like judging opportinities, speaking engagements, etc) jobs of queens, contestants and non-pageant pariticipants that need queens and pageant contestants or volunteer to help make it work. To submit your "Classified Ad" e-mail titled "Classifieds" and include your name, title (if applicable), state your volunteer opportunity is in, name of the volunteer job, description of volunteer duties and contact e-mail address or phone number where volunteers can contact you to help.

How to get a "Queen for Causes" Award to present to a deserving person.
NEW: This is an award that pageant directors can get to present to one deserving individual at a pageant event (pageant, coronation, etc). Receipients of this award are people who embody the true spirit of Volunteerism through all the work that they do for the others by volunteering and should be the delegate at your pagean twho has done the most volunteer work as well as has done work with several causes and not just one.  Recipients of this award receive a beautiful award, a certificate for free entry into the American Volunteer on-line pageant and will have their photos listed on the Queens for Causes site.   For more information and to get an award for your event contactl titled "Queen for Causes Award".

How to join a"Queens Weekend In . . " in your area.
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