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The Queens for Causes Bulletin Board  is a place to offer news and announcements about pageant queens and contestants and volunteer events listed on the Q4C site, a place for website updates and also to let members communicate with each other.

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Project Updates
Easter Cards & Gifts for Kids - Catherine Jackson, Ms. American Heartland 2004 and Ms. Pageant Gal Volunteer 2004 recieved nice donated cards and gifts for her card and gift drive which was she  sent to very sick kids of the Make a Child Smile  Organization.  Catherine collects cards and small gifts for all major holidays. Check out the Classifieds for more information to help.
SI Yellow Ribbon Campaign Easter Drive - The drive was huge success. Thanks to all of the SI Yellow Ribbon Campaign supporters. Check out the Classified  and the Queen at Heart pageas for more inforamtion about how you can help.

Event Updates
Special Olympics -San Marcus, Texas - May 22, 2004
The Summer edition of the Special Olympics were held in San Marcus, Texas. Many Texas MAO queens were invited including Miss Ellis County, Miss Duncanville and Miss Texas Teen America.  Ms America Ambassador members Yvette Parrish and Natalie Martinez were also present. Queens signed autographs and spent time with the "Gold" medalists after their games.
AIDS Walk New York - May 16, 2004 
AIDS Walk NY went great this year.  This year 45,000 participants raised over $5.4 MILLION!!! That's more than 2003 and there's still more time to donate. Tanika Thomas, Ms. NJ American Renaissance, volunteered with Joy Finerson, Ms. NY AMerican Renaissance doing sign-in ALL DAY.  Some
last minute additions to the team made it out and walked for us, so the Queens of NY Team was represented on both sides. Joy Finerson would like to thank thank everyone for being a part ofg the team this year and hopes to have evn more support next year.  The 2005 campaign kick-off  will be on December 1, 2004 which is World AIDS Day.
Queen for Day - San Antonio, Texas - May 15, 2004
Six area TEXAS queens and ALL members of the Ms.America Ambassador club volunteered their time to visit the children at Methodist Hospital. Making each little girl "Queen for a Day" presenting them with a Tiara, boa, party favors such as purses, jewelry and makeup. Each were given makeovers and manicures! The next Texas Queen for a Day Event will bes June 5th, 2004
Queens participated were: Chapter Director Yvette Parrish, Megan Moore, Pamela Smith, Kristin Koether, Natalie Martinez, Christian Torres. Visit for more information and photos
WJPF News Radio - May 10, 2004
Amy Oxford was a guest on WJPF News Radio ( ) Morning NewsWatch at 8:25am.   During the live interview for 35 minutes and callers to call in Amy discussed "SI Yellow Ribbon", why the packages are needed, what the organization does, what the public can do and about the soldiers in general.  Queens for Causes is extremely proud of Amy and all the work she does to support the US troops.
Queens Weekend in Illinois - April 23-25, 2004
Queens Weekend in IL hosted by Catherine Jackson was a huge success. 8 queens participated which was 5 more than the Queens Weekend in Illinois in 2003. One of the queens came all the way from Texas to participate. The weekend was planned around volunteering at the Glass Slipper Project and together the ladies volunteered over 30 hours and donated over 100 needed item to GSP. For more info about the 2004 Queens Weekend in Illinois and to see photos from the weekend click here.

The Month in Review

The Q4C website was launched on April 1, 2004 and started with 3 members who are the Q4C Spring Features but has grown from 3 particpants to 16 participants about 2 months :). Continue to spread the word! The more the site grows, the more we can get others involved in using their crowns for a cause.

Classified Ads

Classified Ads for Volunteer Jobs Projects and non-volunteer related jobs that need Queens to help make it work will be listed here. To submit your "Classifieds" e-mail titled "Classifieds".

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