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Queens for Causes
Photo Gallery
Quarterly Features Charity Classifieds Photo Gallery

Photos of Queens and Pageant Contestants in action, doing volunteer work for various causes. Submit your volunteer photos for the Photo Gallery to titled "Photo Gallery".


JULIA DORN, Miss Make a Difference putting together birthday bags and backpacks filled with toys for homeless children


JULIA DORN, National Ideal Miss America Queen of Queens, volunteering at America's Walk for Diabetes. Julia passed out apples and water to walk participants.


JULIA DORN, National Ideal Miss Baby/Toddler Queen of Queens, helping at National Night Out. Volunteering for MADD, telling community attendees not to drive drunk. 


JULIA DORN National Ideal Miss Baby/Toddler Queen of Queens with Tony the Tiger at Rainbow Foods where Julia passed out cinnamon crunchers cereal samples with coupons to shoppers with Tony the Tiger.