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How to Host a Queens Weekend in Your State

Hosting a Queens Weekend in your state is easy and fun. It's a great way to enteract with fellow queens, make fun appearances and do use your crown to do good for a cause.

To host a Queens For Causes Queens Weekend in your state . . .
➔ Plan the weekend around a cause, volunteer project or volunteer event. The project or event you plan the weekend around can be one you created or one of an existing non-porfit organization that you want to support.
➔ While it is prefered that you actually spend time volunteering, you can plan your Queens Weekend around collecting items for a particular causes or non-profit organization. For example, if you are hosting a Queens Weekend that will be held on a cruise ship, since there most likely will be no volunteer activities/events on the ship to get involved with, you can collect items for a particular cause or organization from all of the queens who participate in your Queens Weekend. You also have the option to have all participating queens spend time volunteering for a cause and ask them to donate items for the same or a different cause. The choice is yours.
➔ Invite queens from your states well as queens from out of state.
➔ Three or more queens required to for it to be a Queens Weekend
➔ Plan other fun (non-volunteer) events for the weekend as well, like a welcome party, fun outings such as shopping, taking in a show, farewell party, etc. You can be as creative as you wish.
➔Queens Weekend can be 1-3 days in length as long as it takes place during actual days of the weekend (Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday)
➔ Participating queens should wear their crown and sashes for all weekend events. ➔ Submit info about your weekend and highlight including photos of the weekend after the event is over for the Queens For Cause site

Other ideas you can use to help plan your Queens Weekend
➔ You can give a small gift to all participating queens. Nice gift ideas: photo frame, merchadise form your state such as pencils, t-shirts, magnets, keychains, postcards, anything with the state flag, motto, flower or bird, candy or a homemade gift from you.
➔ You can have welcome and/or farewell party. This is especially nice if you have a lot of queens participating and have many visiting queens.
➔ You may want to plan your fun non-volunteer activities at your town's tourist attractions or hot spots.

If you want to host a Queens Weekend in your state or want to participate in a Queens Weekend e-mail